Landscaping and Lawn Care in Atlanta

Landscape Dr is a landscaping and lawn care company serving the Atlanta and metro area. Our veteran-owned company is passionately committed to making your outdoor space as beautiful as it can be. When you talk to us, you’ll quickly sense our contagious excitement for even the tiniest¬†details, like the quality of your landscaping stone, the type of gravel on your paths, or the variety of trees and shrubs that will work best in any given space. You won’t be sorry when you work with us!

Beyond The Bottom Line

Our company believes from the top down that while profits are a pragmatic necessity, there are other metrics which must be met to achieve true, holistic success. To put this philosophy into action, we abide by a code of conduct in everything we do.

The Landscape Dr Code of Conduct

  • We practice the same level of concern for each customer as we would our own family.
  • We maintain the trust of our customers by diligently pursuing the highest quality possible in all we do.
  • We communicate with honesty, respect, and tact with every person we meet.
  • We treat all vendors, partners, suppliers, and competitors with the same degree of respect as our customers.
  • We fulfill all of our commitments, professionally and personally.
  • We recognize mistakes in our work as opportunities for improvement, and pursue remediation however we may find it.
  • We invest in the community through charitable giving, and volunteer service projects to show thanks for the opportunity our community has given us.


We take extraordinary pride in our work. Beginning with the design phase, throughout our building process, and finishing with your approval and a handshake, we will leave no stone unturned in creating beautiful work for you.

From the initial conceptualization through the last day of work, we make sure to captivate our clientele by paying attention to every minute detail. Our goal is to give our clients a vacation setting 365 days a year. Our design team has over 20 years of experience in the areas of landscape design and installation. Our main areas of expertise are hardscapes and natural stone living areas, showcase gardens, and amazing water features.

Our Team

Andrew Levandosky


Andrew has over 22¬†years of experience in the landscape industry. His main experience is in the area of home beautification, design aesthetics, and natural living area creation. Building with boulders, natural rocks and materials has been his long-time preference, and his skill in this area gives his work a particular look and a zen balance. If you’re looking at upgrading your home and maximizing the value and usability of an area, you will find we are the perfect match for you.