1. Landscape Design Ideas for your Front Yard

    The front yard of your Atlanta home says a lot about you. It’s kind of like your personal brand statement to the neighborhood, and your landscape design choices can make a big difference in how much you—and others—enjoy your front yard space. Here are some landscape design ideas for your front…Read More

  2. Fall Compost

    What is compost? Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Organic matter is transformed into compost through the work of microorganisms, soil fauna, enzymes and fungi. Now that you know what compost is you may be wondering how it works and w…Read More

  3. Drainage

    Red clay based soils usually have poor drainage due to silt build up in the clay. Therefore, it is easy for yards in Georgia to hold water and these yards need proper drainage systems. Problem areas usually include run offs from your home, driveway, and other hardscapes. If not properly handled wat…Read More

  4. Organic Systems

    The demand for organic lawns is driven by the concerns for human health and the environment. Organic management is beneficial to both humans and the environment in many ways. There is considerable evidence that associates cancers, birth defects, hormonal disruption and neurological effects with the …Read More

  5. Playscapes

    You may be wondering what the difference is between playscapes and playgrounds. Well, they are actually quite similar. Although, the minute differences make an impact. Playscapes are simply integrated playground equipment. Most homeowners have a small amount of area to work with but want to provide…Read More

  6. Edible Landscaping

    Edible landscaping has literally been around since gardening itself and has recently undergone a revival!  The definition of Edible landscaping is the use of food-producing plants in the constructed landscape, typically the residential landscape. Edible landscapes combine fruit and nut trees, …Read More

  7. Why Winter May Be the Best Time for Big Landscaping Projects

    When it comes to landscaping, most people think about lush green lawns, full color gardens in bloom, and warm sunny days. During the winter months, when trees are bare and gardens bleak, the landscaping industry gears down to a creeping pace. Some companies even shut-down operations altogether. So…Read More

  8. Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Features

    Adding an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, fire pot, fire ring, or fire feature is an exceptional way to extend the amount of months you can enjoy outside. These landscape additions are a great way to provide entertainment and bring the party outdoors. Keep your family and friends warm and cozy as yo…Read More

  9. Outdoor Kitchens

    These kinds of kitchens have been around for about a million years, literally, ever since the humanoids first learned how to cook with fire. Let us help you bring your kitchen back to its natural place! If you are a master in the kitchen, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen might be an excellent opti…Read More

  10. Save Money with Repurposed Landscape Planning

    The costs involved in a serious landscape overhaul can be prohibitively high for many home owners. We see landscapes every day in dire states of disrepair with bleak prospects for improvement simply because of lack of budget and intention. Many of these landscapes are just a creative puzzle that nee…Read More