Whether you’re looking to build a footpath between your patio and garden or want to replicate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon you’ll have to start at exactly the same place. With a plan! The landscape planning process is absolutely essential to creating a final product worth your time, money, and effort. Those who neglect the planning process altogether will find themselves the proud owners of patch-worked, haphazard landscapes with snickering neighbors and home value on the decline. We’re here to help you avoid that pitfall and give you the tools you need to prepare for your upcoming landscaping project.

Successful landscape design starts with an understanding of where you already are. The Atlanta metro is located within the Georgia Piedmont. This region is known for having high clay content in its soil, hot humid summers and mild winters. Hopefully none of that comes a surpise to you, but these are probably not the first things you thought about while daydreaming in your back-yard. You want to consider the pre-existing natural environment in wihch you live for reasons of environmental and economic sustainability. Planning to build a tropical garden behind your estate in Tuxedo Park without anticipating high maintenance costs down the road is a disaster in the making.  The micro-environment on your own property will be different than your neighbors’. Researching online and through magazines or other resources will get you started, but can be an exhausting process. The best way to learn about your existing landscape is to have an experienced landscape professional look at your property.  Some Atlanta metro companies will even do this for free!  We can help you find one through our help center.

A few things a landscape professional can help you with is a thorough assessment of soil conditions, health of your current specimens, and a thorough analysis of outdoor living area aesthetics.

I’ve never met someone that actually wanted an ugly yard, but I’ve met TONS of people that have one! We all want to see our vision come to life, unfortunately some of us don’t have all the experience necessary to build a landscape with an enduring aesthetic. I’ve even seen professional landscapers leave homeowners with designs that go from Monet to Picasso within just a few years of growth. To avoid spending thousands of dollars on a landscape that will lose its aesthetic appeal after just a few years, learn what your plants will look like at maturity before breaking ground, or even worse, breaking the bank!