Beautiful Vegetable Garden & Backyard Deck and patio fuirniture, rows of colored lettuces, chard, carrots, and other edible food garden plants

Edible landscaping has literally been around since gardening itself and has recently undergone a revival! 

The definition of Edible landscaping is the use of food-producing plants in the constructed landscape, typically the residential landscape. Edible landscapes combine fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and ornamental plants into aesthetically pleasing designs. In other words, its a delicious meal in your very own yard just waiting to be taken advantage of! There are many great reasons to landscape with edibles. Here is a list of reasons:

  • Save on groceries

  • Control the use of pesticides and herbisides used on the food you and your family consumes

  • Increase food security of your household

  • Enjoy the freshness and delightful flavors of homegrown products

  • Grow your own varieties that are not easily found in stores

  • Get outside, interact with nature, absorb all of its beauty

  • Bond with family

  • Proudly promoting gardens in parks, on rooftops, and in front yards will help youth and adults re-connect with their food and nature. 

  • Horticulture therapy is the use of gardening to provide mental and physical healing and wellness. For young people, horticulture therapy has shown to decrease violence and behavioral issues. It has also proven effective in improving memory as well as attention span in diagnosed ADHD patients.

  • Many common ornamental plants do not require much attention and can survive with minimal care.

  • By incorporating only a single edible ranging to many you can develop a whole new relationship with your yard

Join the movement and get reconnected with your roots. Let the DR help you create a bountiful mouthwatering edible landscape you can share with your neighbors, family, and friends! Call for a free landscape design consultation 770-299-1656 or 404-205-9335! Also visit our sites to review our ratings and learn more: HomeAdvisor Facebook Twitter Google+