The front yard of your Atlanta home says a lot about you. It’s kind of like your personal brand statement to the neighborhood, and your landscape design choices can make a big difference in how much you—and others—enjoy your front yard space. Here are some landscape design ideas for your front yard from Landscape DR, your friendly landscape design experts in Atlanta.

Simple But Refined

Every front yard should include at least a few basic design elements that will ensure that your yard looks presentable and doesn’t paint you in a bad light. If you wouldn’t go out in public in your pajamas, you probably also wouldn’t want to commit the basic errors of having a front lawn that has bare patches, lots of dandelions, or grass that gets too long. A landscape designer can help to you achieve a basic, no-frills front yard design that has thick, lush, green grass, proper drainage, and appropriate bushes and shrubs.

Max Privacy

If you’re not into having your neighbors see everything that goes on in your yard, one design option is to completely line the perimeter of your property with thick evergreen shrubbery. However, the privacy you attain can also be a liability, as it can also provide cover to a would-be intruder who can break into your home without anyone seeing it from the street and considering it suspicious. We would recommend weighing your need for privacy against this potential threat.

A Profusion of Color

Have you ever driven by a home and been amazed by the colorful profusion of flowers that always seemed to be blooming in their yard? The technique of planning out your landscaping so that you’ll have the maximum amount of color all the time is something that an expert landscape designer can help you to do. Not only will you have a home that turns heads as one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood, you’ll also enjoy the privilege of being able to have your own fresh cut flowers on the table indoors at any time. There are few things that will cheer up your interior space as much as a constant supply of gorgeous blooms.

Paths And Surprises

One of the old-fashioned landscaping techniques that we think deserves to come back is to create a beguiling series of paths, benches, and delightful little nooks that people can walk through to discover either a private bower of green, or a fountain that wasn’t visible when they first started, or a surprising view that opens up through strategically-placed plants. You can see an example of this in some of the older homes in Atlanta, and if you ever have a chance to walk these paths, you’ll discover how it makes a very small area of ground into something that seems much bigger because of the time it takes to explore the whole thing.

Rustic Stones And Large Boulders

If your front yard already has a few rock breaks in it, these can make incredible design features that your landscape designer can show you how to enhance with additional boulders, stones, and even water features that will transform your front yard into a magical, fairy-tale-like setting.

If you are bored of your front yard’s landscaping design, don’t despair. The design experts at Landscape DR would love to hear your vision and create a plan that will incorporate all of your current features in a way that truly causes your front yard to shine. You should enjoy your front yard every time you drive up to your house, and you can do just that when you get the landscaping design and installation that you’ve always wanted. We are passionate about our work and love a good challenge, so contact us today for your free consultation!