Adding an outdoor fireplacefire pitfire pot, fire ring, or fire feature is an exceptional way to extend the amount of months you can enjoy outside. These landscape additions are a great way to provide entertainment and bring the party outdoors. Keep your family and friends warm and cozy as you socialize and bond. If you are not into social gatherings you can use a fire to set a romantic tone for stargazing with a loved one. Or create an area for relaxation or meditation. Fire pits are a quick easy installation that radiates warmth and excitement. There are also Recessed Fire Pits that provide a sitting area and an open flame that can be used to roast hot dogs, marshmallows, and kabobs. Fire/Water pots (for manual key valve ignitions) combining these elements are as easy as the turn of a key valve.  You can incorporate these in various parts of your landscape by themselves or even in swimming pools, jacuzzi, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains. Fire/Water pots (for spark ignition and remote control ignition)  water surrounds the fire which is safely self contained in a dry chamber. You can add color rock to these two types of pots as well as fire pits for a nice pop. Adding an outdoor fireplace is a marvelous way to add ambiance to your home. Have the hottest yard in the neighborhood, literally! Although, don’t forget when picking your fireplace or fire feature that you match it to the style of your home. This is an intelligent investment and a superb way to increase your property value.