In this Meditteranean garden, the homeowners had a tight space to work with (their door is less than 25 feet from the curb!). The designers of this space maximized its potential by using iconic granite boulders which anchor the viewer’s eyes to the ground, immediately grabbing visitors’ attention.  The granite works well with the stonework on the owner’s home, providing architectural continuity. While so much stone might make a rigid design elsewhere, the elegant placement of Italian Cyprus (Cupressus sempervirens) softens the corners of this house, while the Yellow-twig dogwood (Cornus stolonifera (sericea) ‘Flaviramea’) provides excellent fall and winter color which are amplified, and produce striking effects during winter.  Most people consider the space adjacent to the curb lost land, only to be used for grass lawns.  These homeowners made a bold move that paid off when extending their low maintenance bed of Phormium tenax and Heather Erica‘s all the way to the curb.