Imagine being on vacation 365 days a year! Being at home, we take for granted the largest room of our house, which is actually our outdoor living area. It’s an area that defines itself, filled with vibrant light and life-giving oxygen. Many people who live in the city don’t have a yard or usable outdoor area. Don’t take yours for granted. If you do have an outdoor area, let us help you discover your vision and enhance the hidden architectural beauty in your home through your landscaping choices.

Design and Installation

Design and Installation: At Landscape DR we pride ourselves in our ability to create truly unique designs to satisfy all of your landscaping needs. Each of our clients receives the personalized consideration their project requires from our own in-house design team. If you know you need to renovate your landscape but need professional assistance in developing your ideas into a fully-formed plan of action, schedule a consultation today and let’s get started!


Now that you have the perfect landscape to meet your needs, how are you going to take care of all those beautiful plantings? With Landscape DR, your plants are in the best hands. Between our all-natural organic fertilizers, proprietary turf boosters, and skilled maintenance professionals, you’re sure to have a healthy beautiful landscape year round.  We’re so confident in our ability to keep your landscape healthy and happy that we offer a 100% warranty on all plantings we install, so long as they are on irrigation and you keep us coming back for maintenance!

Choose Landscape DR today!

Why wait to get first-class landscaping design and maintenance in Atlanta? Once you’re enjoying the peace, tranquility, and beauty of your new landscape design, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Contact Landscape DR for all your landscaping needs, including lawn care, zen gardens, water features, paths and walkways, soil drainage, and magical transformations of your outdoor space using stone, shrubs, trees, and other natural elements. Your home will feel like a vacation getaway, and you will love it!